Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding giving to Waseda University:

Gift Recipients

Q  I am considering giving to Waseda. What types of gifts are available?

A  There are two types: gifts to Waseda as a whole and gifts designated to specific purposes.

◆ Gifts to Waseda as a whole
・    I haven’t decided a particular recipient, and would simply like to give to Waseda:
You can support Waseda as a whole by giving to The Waseda Fund. Gifts will be used for a wide range of purposes, including education, research, and community service activities.

◆ Gifts Designated to Specific Purposes
・    I want to support students who are facing financial difficulties:
Waseda offers about 150 scholarships. Please designate the scholarship of your choice. Examples include the Azure Sky Scholarship (for students with financial difficulties) and the Okuma Memorial Scholarship (for students with outstanding academic achievements).

・    I want to support sports at Waseda:
You are welcome to designate an athletic department to support. The funds will be used to train athletes and for other purposes.

・    I want to support research at Waseda:
You are welcome to designate and support the research activities or projects of specific faculty members.

How to Give

Q  How do I make a gift to Waseda?

A  We accept gifts through online payment (credit cards or Pay-Easy), and donors based in Japan are also welcome to give through bank transfers. If you use Waseda’s bank transfer form and transfer money from the following banks (head office, branches, or post office), the transfer fee will be waived. 

Q  I’ve signed up to make a monthly or yearly gift by credit card. Can I change or cancel my payment?

A  You can change details (the gift amount or credit card information) or cancel your recurring gift by visiting "My Page" on our website for prospective and current donors.
To login to “My Page,” you will need your ID and password. 
Your ID is in the email with the subject "Thank You for Your Recurring Gift", which was sent to you when you signed up. 
Your password is in the email with the subject “Password Notification", which was sent to you when you signed up.
Please contact us if you lose the above emails or other pertinent information.

Donor Benefits

Q  What are the benefits of giving to Waseda?

A  Gifts are tax-deductible and provide tax benefits. When you give to Waseda as a whole through The Waseda Fund, you may also be eligible for various benefits. Those who make large gifts will receive honorary titles and be invited to various university events. (Not all gifts qualify for these benefits; please contact us for details.)

Q  Will the names of donors be made public?
A  Names of donors and the gift amount will be listed in The Book of Donors. The Book of Donors is a booklet accompanying Waseda Gakuho, a magazine published six times a year by the Waseda University Alumni Association. (Those who do not wish to have their names listed will remain anonymous.)

Tax Benefits

Q  Are there any tax benefits?

A  Gifts to Waseda from donors residing in Japan are eligible for tax benefits. There are two types of benefits: tax credits and tax deductions. In addition, certain municipalities allow gifts to Waseda to be deductible, and those who reside in those areas may receive deductions in their individual inhabitant taxes.

Q  Can I receive tax benefits for gifts of 2,000 yen or less?
A  If the total amount of your gifts during the calendar year (from January to December) is less than 2,000 yen, you cannot receive tax benefits. However, if you have given to institutions other than Waseda that are certified as special public interest promotion corporations, and the total amount of your gifts exceeds 2,000 yen for the year, the excess amount is eligible for tax benefits.

Q  I made a gift to Waseda University last year, but forgot to claim deductions when I filed my tax return. Can I file a new tax return?

A  You are allowed to file tax returns or refund returns for up to five years in the past. However, the period and deadline for filing differ depending on your past tax filing status and whether you are required to file those tax returns. For further details, please contact your local tax office.

Q  I’ve lost my receipt. May I have a new one?

A  We certainly can reissue a receipt, so please contact us to make that request. Please note that the word “reissued” will be printed on it.

Tax Benefits for Corporations

Q What are the tax benefits for corporate gifts?

A  There are two options (and both are available only to corporations based in Japan): "specified gifts," which can be included in deductible expenses up to a certain amount, and "recipient-designated gifts," where the entire amount can be included in deductible expenses. The documents required for each option differ, so please check the details below.