Recognition with Honorary Titles

Waseda is pleased to offer honorary titles to individuals who make large gifts.

Categories of Honorary Titles

Honorary titles are offered in the following categories.

Title Total Gift Amount Benefits
Loyal Donor 100 million yen or more ・ Invitations to university events
・ Subscriptions to Waseda publications
・ Seasonal greeting cards
Honorable Donor 50 million yen or more
Grand Donor 20 million yen or more
Distinguished Donor 10 million yen or more
Toshi (Waseda Spirit) Donor 5 million yen or more
Patron Donor 2 million yen or more

*Honorary titles are also listed in Chinese and Korean.

Eligible Gifts

Eligibility is determined through the total amount of gifts to Waseda University, including The WASEDA Fund and The Education Support Fund. Some gifts, such as designated gifts to research laboratories, are not eligible. Please contact us for further details using the inquiry form.

If you wish to continue to have your name listed even after you pass away, we gladly accept posthumous gifts. Waseda is always open to discussing similar types of gifts, including bequests, lifetime gifting, and inheritance gifts.

Benefits for those with honorary titles

Those with honorary titles can receive the following benefits (in addition to various services offered to individual donors who give a total of 30,000 yen or more to The Waseda Fund).

・    Invitations to various ceremonies (including entrance and graduation ceremonies) as guests of honor
・    Recognition on a donor plaque in the Waseda Campus Building No. 2
・    Invitation to the Executive Forum (exclusive to those with honorary titles)
・    Subscriptions to Waseda publications, etc.