Publication of the Names of Donors

Recognition of Donors

We publish the names of donors in The Book of Donors, a booklet accompanying Waseda Gakuho, our alumni magazine. The Book of Donors is published once every two months and is sent to all donors.

The Book of Donors recognizes those who made:

  1. Gifts to the The Waseda Fund (Former WASEDA Supporters Club)
  2. Gifts to the Education Support Fund
  3. Designated gifts, various types of endowments and funds, endowed courses, and in-kind gifts

Donors are separated by category and amount, and within each section, names are listed according to the order of the Japanese syllabary.

< Types of Donors>
Corporations: Stock companies, limited companies, partnership companies, limited partnership companies, and related entities (cooperatives, educational corporations, various public organizations)
Organizations: Tomonkai, the Waseda University Alumni Association, and other organizations
Individuals: Alumni, parents, guarantors, faculty, staff, and other individual donors