COVID-19 Emergency Student Assistance Fund

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With everyone's efforts our students will triumph

 As the number of COVID-19 cases increases, Waseda University has postponed the commencement of classes, shifted courses to online platforms and adopted restrictive measures in order to help control the spread of the disease. At the same time, the COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in reduced income for the heads of many households and students themselves have lost income from part-time jobs, making it difficult for them to continue their studies.

 At Waseda University, we do not want even one student to feel a need to discontinue their studies for financial reasons. Moreover, once the global threat of COVID-19 has been resolved, we are determined to help cultivate as many students with exceptional intelligence and keen sensibilities as possible, so that when they leave us they will make positive contributions not only to Japan, but to the world. To reach that goal, we have decided to establish a support measure in an amount totaling 500 million yen. One of the pillars of the support measure is the "COVID-19 Emergency Student Assistance Fund," the goal of which is to provide prompt support for students of Waseda University and its affiliated high schools, junior high schools, and art school who are in urgent need of financial assistance. The university plans to put approximately 500 million yen toward increasing scholarships for people with sudden changes in their household budget and lending PCs and WIFI devices to students free of charge so that they can take online classes. Yet, even more support is needed. Therefore, starting with faculty members and alumni, we would like to ask all individuals, groups, and corporations to do what they can to support our students.

 Waseda University will do its utmost to provide all students with the highest quality education, no matter the circumstances. This is in line with the concept that "no one will be left behind,” which is a main principle of Sustainable Development Goals. We request your generous support and cooperation so that no one has to unwillingly abandon their education due to a lack of funds.

Aiji Tanaka – President of Waseda University
Miho Saito – Permanent Director (general fundraising) at Waseda University
Akira Mandai – Representative Officer of Alumni Association at Waseda University


Donate to the WASEDA Supporters’ Club (COVID-19 Emergency Student Assistance).

Purpose of the Campaign

Emergency financial assistances to students in accordance with the objective of “COVID-19 Emergency Student Assistance Fund”

Suggested donation amount

10,000 yen per contribution
*We request your generous support and cooperation so that no one has to unwillingly abandon their education due to a lack of funds. Please note that we are happy to accept offers that are not exactly divisible by 10,000.

Campaign term

Not specified

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